Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Piling It On at Kitchen Little

"You need to add Kitchen Little to your list for places to eat in Mystic/Stonington," writes Jenny, a DayTripper contributor. "Excellent, excellent breakfast! Tiny, tiny place, but a nice outdoor seating area (you'll share a table with other diners outside) right on the water so kids can watch the boats going by. Outside, the ground is just rocks, so my 3 1/2 year old was infinitely entertained sitting under the table making rock piles while we waited for our delicious food! Coffee's pretty good, too."

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Get Your Goat in Barnstable

Ocean Song Farm has a great herd of goats that they graze on public lands. They are happy to have visitors come learn about the goats and the ecosystem, walk the goats from place to place, and participate in other "goaty" activities. Visitors can enjoy many other farm and nature pursuits on the farm, as well. The elementary and middle school kids I have taken there have loved it! - Kim Kay Holt, LEAP Arlington

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nickerson Mushroom Hunting

Over the weekend, I went on a mushroom hunt at Nickerson State Park, sponsored by the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. There is so much to learn about mushrooms. Even after this trip, I'd still be leery about eating most wild mushrooms but I do feel safe about a few. Our guide Lawrence instructed us to go out and pick mushrooms for a good hour, and then, to bring them back and place them on the picnic tables. Lawrence then showed us a helpful way of carrying our collected mushrooms in an egg carton to protect them, and some people brought their own baskets for collecting. (click for more photos) - by Elizabeth, DayTripper Diva for our Dispatches blog on Gather.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dream Space for a Wanderer

What is it about a place that 'draws you in' and when you see it, you just know you could be quite comfortable there for a time? Last Thursday, after attending the Gay Carnival in downtown Provincetown, Nick and I started walking back down Commercial Street to the West Inn where the swimming pool at the Provincetown Inn awaited our hot, tired bodies. The pavement was really hot and crowds of people were in the street and so we decided to walk back by way of the shore. The tide was out and as we cut through an alley, we discovered the most romantic place....Captain Jack's. Click here to see the full photo essay on our DayTripper Dispatches Blog on Gather